The new Khrôma book, Aida, guides us on an inspirational journey through a fascinating Arabian History. We discover places where the tales of Scheherazade could become real, surroundings of wealth, of princesses and kings. And travel further through the animated medinas, full of colourful shops, fountains, mosques and palaces. Amidst this History and imagining the luxurious palaces of Pharaohs and Kings, we have created the wall coverings of Aida. This title referring to the enamored princess in the tragical opera of Verdi.The colours in Aida represent the diversity in shades that we come across on our trip: the quietness of the white houses, the liveliness of the saffron and other spices, the golden yellow glow of the sun, the sandy settings with camel coloured camels, the earthy red of the mountains, the clear blue of the sky and deep blue of the refreshing ocean, ... All these tints are combined in the wall covering designs of the Aida collection.  To complete the touch and feel, we add a balanced dose of technical effects like nacre, glaze, lime and glaystone.  Take a closer look to see if Aida can seduce you for another one thousand and one nights.